Frequently Asked Questions

We accelerate your Amazon growth

What is working with you like?

Imagine being at a trade show and another vendor asks you, “So, how are things going on Amazon?” When you work with us, your response to that question is “Amazing! We have a retail partner who has taken over everything for us and we have seen phenomenal growth. The best part, we don’t have to know or do anything with Amazon; they do it all and we have seen sales rise both online and in brick & mortar.”

What do you charge for your services?

Nothing. Unlike a marketing agency, we don’t charge fees. Instead, we purchase the inventory directly from you at a price where we can earn our profits from the margin on each and every sale. With this model, our performance goals are in perfect alignment with yours.

Why is Amazon vital to my brand's overall success?

A recent study showed that 55% of product searches start on This is why it’s so important that your brand be represented the way you want it to be represented on Amazon. An increasing number of potential customers do their product research on Amazon first. Are you happy the way your brand is being represented?

I’m happy with my current online retailers, why should I consider you?

When we speak with brand owners, we often find that they are not aware that there is a solution like ourselves who do more than simply resell their products. Not only that, but we typically always tell them that another one of their problems is that they have too many sellers; sellers that don’t do anything to add additonal value to their brand. You need an experienced professional who can help you with your problems and provide personal support.

Can you only help with Amazon-related issues?

No, our expertise allows us to help your brand well beyond the Amazon marketplace. Our ability to provide professional product images and write copy that sells is applicable to any online marketplace. Not only that, but our ability to increase your brand exposure and optimize your online brand presentation also influences brick & mortar sales as more and more physical store shoppers look at products online first.

What separates you from other online retailers?

Most online retailers simply want to sell your product for a quick buck and that’s all they care about. Instead, we focus on adding tons of value to your brand and building intimate, mutually beneficial relationships because we know that for us to succeed we first must help your brand succeed.